We are a limited liability company independent from any network and we are insured for the services that we offer. We act either directly or through firms linking interim managers and organizations like yours.

We are top professionals who had the opportunity to clarify their high theoretical knowledge thanks to a significant field experience at management positions. Our main strength lies in the fact that each professional taken individually demonstrates the qualities of "author, composer and performer". In other words, he is able to identify a problem and to draw its contours in a relevant, practical and realistic manner (without wordings... ) and then he proposes a scenario for addressing what there is to do, he implements and controls this scenario, and finally he has a major and a pedagogic role during the realization of the scenario.

You want results and a good mood, although it may be exhausting for everyone (the fight is unifying nevertheless), then you should deal with us.

What else ?

> Total secret. Your company name will not appear at all, anywhere in conjunction with us.
> Total secret. Nobody will know anything about what has been discussed, seen, implemented (train, airplanes, diners... all those conducive environment where people usually go into confidences)


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