"Master piece of the logistics, we present our usual observations on the cycle receiving goods - storage - shipments (whether they are for customers or workshops, or even subcontractors)".


Observations usually made:

> Administrative deficiency in receptions (delivery receipt, its booking and archiving), too much time between receiving and putting on the shelves. Lack of formality and too much time to solve delivery issues with the help of purchasers in case of delivery mistakes from the vendor).

> Delays in management of goods returned from clients (delivery mistake or warranty issues).

> Rare notions of cut off, both for incoming and outgoing shipments.

> Sloppy packaging, poorly protected goods and errors of codes for customers.

> Lack of discipline or staff lacking of control in booking picking list vouchers, used to invoice customers (the worse: booking all the picking list as prepared and shipped where there are actually missing items).

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