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1 - Contact us:

> 24/7 by phone or by e-mail
> If we are currently in mission you will reach the answering machine. We will call you back within the following 24 hours, at your convenience but practically in the evening from 19:00 to 23:00 (French Time) if, again, we are in mission.

2 - Place your Order:

> After our oral agreement to work together, your order is taken into account as soon as you sign the mission agreement.
> We will send you the mission agreement and our bank BIC/SWIFT/IBAN by e-mail, please print it the agreement, put your initials on each page and sign it, then scan it and send it back to us with your advance payment if needed.

3 - At your location:

> We are fully dedicated and do not answer phone calls neither answer mails if they are not in relation with your business.
> We do not need extra space so a piece of your desk or of one of the desk of your people will be fine (Please check if there is at least electricity and a web connection).
> We are used to have quick lunch, simply sharing your company, the best would be on site in order to do not waste time and moreover to do not stop the pace.
> We have personal protection equipment to navigate in your workshops and warehouses (jacket, shoes, glasses, ears protection, gloves...).

  • Usual assignment lifecycle:
  • Diagnosis (quick and accurate)
  • Proposal (one or more ways to address the issues)
  • Implementation of the agreed proposal
  • Exit

> At the end of the mission you will know exactly where you are, what has been achieved, what remains and how to do it.

4 - After Sales

> We answer your questions during the 3 months following our intervention and about any subsequent difficulty or uncertainty related to the topics handled. This with the same availability as mentioned at step 1 here above.