Whether managing a crisis, delivering a critical project, handling change and restructure sensitively or simply reinforcing your in-house capability, we will meet your needs - in the right time- frame and with great value for money on the following functions:

Your context, your motivations: our promise

We are able to provide you with pragmatic answers to solve your issues thanks to the functions that we master, which are usable in all or in part, and that we present in the menu "Interim Management Scope" here on the right. Sure we will be able to acheive something great with you.

Please remember in summary:

> You need complementary managerial skills
> You need to go through a turning point in your business
> You need to replace urgently a C-suite manager

Your context :

Gap-Filling Management:

  • Bridge resourcing gap for key vacancies (due to resignation, sick leave, maternity leave, etc)
  • Organisational change/transition period within the company
  • Project based or one-off nature of the requirement

Offensive Management:

  • Development / diversification of activities
  • Merger / Acquisition: managing organizational change following an acquisition, a merger or a spin off of assets
  • Improving internal processes
  • Specific project: starting a new business organized as a business unit
  • Bringing new skills or lacking skills...

Defensive Management:

  • Restructuring, redeployment
  • Recovery of critical situations
  • Divestments
  • crisis management
  • Cost reduction

Your motivations to use our services:

  • Search for efficiency in the short term and in the emergency
  • Looking for an experienced profile and an outside view
  • Looking for a flexible and skilled resource
  • Search for dedicated resource to the mission whithout any other concern than achieving your goals
  • Be certain that the transfer of knowledge and practices operate

Our Promise :

1. Return on investment. We are dedicated and focused on objectives without compromise, to deliver real benefits to you

2. Speed. We are readily available and are able to have a quick impact (see our schedule of availability)

3. Expertise. We are qualified and experienced such that we obtain a favorable impact from the beginning of the mission

4. Objectivity. Outside of company politics with a business focused perspective

5. Accountability. Rather than simply taking an advisory role, we take responsibility of what to do and operate personally on the spectrum.

6. Effectiveness. The fact that we are a member of the steering committee, the period of transition, gives us legitimacy and credibility to enable us to deliver our value added.

7. Commitment. Our future success depends on your success. That is why we make every effort to succeed with you.