"Right-hand person for the General Management, CFO is a key contributor because having skilled hands on legal and financial aspects of a business is necessary to its success"


The environment of the CFO:

An organization dedicated to serving one or more areas of strategic activity. Member of the Management committee and right-arm of the Managing Director, CFO is responsible for all financial matters, legal, administrative, accounting, and human resources of an organization.

What we are able to deliver you with:

> The experience of management committees and support that a CFO can bring when realizing that he must play an active role in the production of value to other Management members (Sales and Marketing, R & D, Manufacturing ...)

> Mastering the most complex information environment and financial flows: Manufacturing.
Why this ? Because from the less to the most complex we have service businesses activities, resellers activities and, then, manufacturers activities.
Manufacturing activities have this difficulty related to the cost of goods in which you get the fabrication process. The fabrication brings a higher level of complexity because it deals with raw materials transformation, assembling components by men hours and machines hours.
How to translate all this into relevant figures, so that we can forecast (budget), see results quickly (reporting) and draw out supported conclusions useful to the organization monitoring ?

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