We handle one-off interventions on a very short time to help you solve a particular problem in your value chain, from order to cash.

value chain

In summary:

Our experience has shown that most of the time just a few days or weeks are sufficient to sort out specific problems along your value chain and in which you tend to get bogged down.

  • In most cases you know what you want but you face difficulties getting it and you think :"It is so simple, I don't understand why it seems so complex".
  • We help you from the big picture to the smallest detail of your value chain, from order to cash, from Sales Administration to Credit Management, going through Inventories, Purchases, Fabrication, Shipping/Stockroom, as well as Marketing, Sales Force, Engineering, Prototype, Methods, After-Sales Service, Financial Reporting including the listed previous items compared to budget which includes in its turn the Budget process. All this supported by Accountancy, IT and Human Resources... under SOX' constraints.
  • The menu "Operational Issues", on the right of this page, go through the main operational activities of your organization. We go through your main usual configurations, feelings and defaults in order that you might be able to recognize yourself. We have solutions that you and your employees are going to appreciate as they will improve your performance and enrich your human resources. Everything will seem simpler and consistent.

We offer to you temporary help to quickly sort out problems that you meet about operations flowing and efficiency. Those difficulties are most of the time revealed through signals like abnormal level of customers complaints due to late delivery (non-conformity...), inventories too high (not the good inventory and wrong quantities on hand, shortages in fabrication), customers aging balance that shows past dues not reducing where they should, decreasing cash balance, increasing warranty expenses... as well as third-party (internal or external) legitimate frustration because of systematic jobs late delivery, this for the most visible effects. The most adverse effects cover conflicts between departments and following people lack of interest...

If we want this service-offer to be useful, we need to rely on your presence during the intervention, we need to rely on people willingness to cooperate, to rely on your Directors... and your authority when needed. All this because we "attack" directly, without auditing first..., the core elements of the topics you ask us to tackle.
These are frankly often the same underlying problems : about Data, Human, Assets, efficient circulation of related information and allocation of means on a given time frame. Also, when comes the time to create/modify/delete something, we show you why you should take our recommendations (and their positive effects on the whole value chain). You decide, we create/modify/delete with you and your team, on your decision. We accept of course to examine any suggestion and we are ready to keep it if it is more accurate.

One of the advantage Action Manufacture et Services has in this kind of service is its educational approach successfully experienced with a large variety of people, of all age, all departments and in complex environments. Your people usually appreciate our clear talks, the simplicity of our demonstrations and the way we show them how to do when needed.
The other Action Manufacture et Services' advantages lie in its capacity to understand and act quickly on the following items :
>> Your data architecture and the running logic of your ERP and main surrounding softwares until your SOX access rights; Going through specific items about manufacturing such as your Bill Of Material and routings, your work orders and related tools such as Sales and Operations Planning, Master Production Scheduling, workshops planning, standard hours and hourly rates, your cost of goods, your invoicing, your purchases, inventory transactions...vendors/customers accounting ledgers... ("Do you produce any accurate statistics helping you anticipating your purchases while improving your delivery service rate at the same time?", for instance).
>> The impact on action that have profiles, attitudes, behaviors and concerns usually met in the activities and departments here-above listed (probably sufficiently...)
>> How to go ahead with control on the two previous points in order to obtain efficient flow of worthwhile tasks. That in the end, your promise to your customers is kept, your people do not make efforts in vain, the invoices are cashed in and the whole is profitable.
>> How all this goes into your accounting system, cost control and financial reporting system; And how you can produce, at the right pace, reliable financial information useful to the control and monitoring of your activity (and complying with legal constraints as internal control - SOX for US people).

What should be kept in mind here is that the interest of this service lies in the fact that it deals with the links between activities of your value chain.

Those links contribute directly to your operational effectiveness. To be qualified as performing, the links should allow useful chaining, quick flowing, reducing back and forth and scraps, from sales orders booking to cash collection (definitive... After sales ? ...), and this whatever is the complexity of your activities and products configuration.

Here is what we sell to you at the end of the day in this service.

To reach that level we systematically need to go into detail sooner or later. At this moment we know how to dive into it and address efficiently your flow of goods and information from your workshops to your customers. This with a mind wide open to synergy as we will take into account whatever element of progress you already have implemented, like:

> internal control
> ISO 9001
> Lean manufacturing and all other organizational tools focusing on fabrication (Just In Time, SMED, KANBAN... 5S's, TPM...)

We do not get caught into restrictive approaches and we use the Common Sense method. This because principles are goods in themselves, most of the time, this is the way we use them which slows down our agility. We will talk privately about it if you want to go further into this comment.