"Managing the most important asset of an organization. It is that we always hear. We agree of course but we say that it is also because it is the most complicated (important) to manage given its tendency to change over time and through events: The human" ("important" has many significations).


Observations usually made:

> Tendency to not calibrate its approach and practices in function of, on one hand the strategy of the organization, and on the other hand the size of the company (consistency and harmony).

> Tendency to send conflicting signals to employees versus company policy determined by the General Management.

> Confusion between the role of the social worker and the role of Human-Resources.

> Confusion between Human-Resources and payroll management as well as the minimum incompressible management, due to legal requirements for instance.

> Tendancy in organizations to do not share the burden of unpopularity with Human-Resources (especially in case of redundancies). Other divergent signal (see above) which leads to lose employees' rational reasoning.

> Hiring process too long and overcomplicated.

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