"About the extreme importance of marketing and sales force: the monitoring of goods/services exchange in a significant competitive environment, important in itself, must also support, motivate, the continuity of the relationship with customers. This relationship often depends as much on the nature of products/services than on the quality of the interaction between interlocutors".


Observations usually made:

About Marketing,

> Confusion between strategic marketing and operational marketing.

> No budget control of marketing expenses, not to mention expenses tracking.

> Lack of clarity and justification about specifications related to the conception of new products/offers as well as underestimation of technical constraints.

> Tendency to the proliferation of minor variations under the pressure of sales reps, anxious to meet the specific demand of a particular client, but resulting in an increase in costs (technical adaptation, storage, order processing, work orders...). Note that this contest promotes the process of "cannibalization".

> Under-utilization of modern means of communication toward the market. In a relevant way, in line and in synergy with the existing tools.

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