- You need temporary managerial skills

- You need to deal with an important turning point in your organization

- You need to deal with a crisis needing a constant attention (24/7 100% dedicated)

- You need to replace a c-suite manager urgently


You are General Manager or Shareholder, our services offer is made for you. Any kind of structure willing to benefit from our skills in complex environments.

Your companies are held by either individuals or French Groups or Foreign Groups.

You are an investment funds, a capital investment company.

Your common point is the situation you are in:

 In particular: Industrial sector's businesses acting in Design, Manufacture, distribution and service of manufactured goods.

 In general: Any kind of structure (public sector included) wishing to benefit from the necessary know how and rigor enabling to work in complex environment.

 In particular: Your business employs a minimum of 100 people full time equivalent until no limit as dealing with number of people is just a question of organization. Please do not worry, our services will be of course in harmony with your company size.